drink1 W2S2 [drıŋk] v past tense drank [dræŋk] past participle drunk [drʌŋk]
[: Old English; Origin: drincan]
1.) [I and T]
to take liquid into your mouth and swallow it
You should drink plenty of water.
What would you like to drink?
Take a seat while I get you something to drink .
She filled the glass and drank.
to drink alcohol, especially regularly or too much
He's been drinking heavily since his wife died.
I don't drink.
Don't drink and drive .
My flatmate Cherry drinks like a fish (=regularly drinks a lot of alcohol) .
3.) drink yourself silly/into a stupor/to death etc
to drink so much alcohol that you become very drunk or unconscious, or die
If he goes on this way he'll drink himself to death.
4.) drink sb under the table
to drink more alcohol than someone but not feel as ill as them
He could drink nearly anyone under the table.
5.) What are you drinking?
[i]spoken used to offer to buy someone a drink, especially in a ↑pub
6.) drink sb's health
BrE to wish someone good health before having an alcoholic drink
drink in [drink sth in <=>] phr v
to look at, listen to, feel, or smell something in order to enjoy it
For a moment she just sat there, drinking in the atmosphere.
drink to [drink to sth] phr v
1.) to wish someone success, good luck, good health etc before having an alcoholic drink
Let's drink to your success in your new job.
2.) I'll drink to that!
spoken used to agree with what someone has said
drink up phr v
to drink all of something
drink sth<=>up
Drink up your milk.
drink 2
drink2 W2S1 n
an amount of liquid that you drink, or the act of drinking something
drink of
Have a drink of water.
Do you want a drink of my tea?
He took a drink of his coffee.
2.) [U and C]
liquid that you can drink
They sell soft drinks (=non-alcoholic drinks) .
food and drink companies
3.) [U and C]
an alcoholic drink
Have another drink .
After that news I need a stiff drink (=strong alcohol) !
go for a drink
BrE (=go to a pub)
Let's go for a drink.
4.) [U]
the habit of drinking too much alcohol, in a way that is very bad for your health
The marriage ended because of her husband's drink problem (=he drank too much alcohol) .
They had driven him to drink (=made him start drinking too much alcohol regularly) .
After her retirement from the stage she took to drink (=started drinking too much alcohol) .
5.) drinks [plural] BrE
a social occasion when you have alcoholic drinks and sometimes food
for drinks
Don't forget we're invited to the Jones' for drinks on Sunday.
6.) the drink
old-fashioned the sea, a lake, or another large area of water

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